Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main advantages?

50% of all returns are caused by wrong size / fit, regarding jeans it is even 65%. Sproov reduces size-related returns by supporting the customer in his size decision making process.

Q: What value does Sproov have for my customers?

To use Sproov the customer does not have to provide measurements. Using Sproov is therefore incomparably simple and fast. Having such a shopping assistant increases customer satisfaction.

Q: Are my customers willing to reveal personal information?

Sproov can be used without log-in. The customer only has to reveal two garments he already owns as a recommendation base.

Q: How is the service implemented on my site?

Implementing Sproov is comparable to a social media widget (e.g. Facebook Like Button). We will provide you with a code snippet that you simply paste onto your product description page and the right CSS & JS will be automatically loaded.

Q: What does the business intelligence service offer?

According to the shop’s requirements, details about returns, user behavior, cross sales etc. can be displayed in an up-to-date dashboard.

Q: Do you have any more questions?

We are happy to answer them, please contact us: